Hydraulic Hose Wrap

Meet productivity expectations with hydraulic hose wrap from M.M. Newman Corporation. Our Massachusetts-based company has been in business since 1956. We are the leading manufacturer of Heli-Tube® spiral wraps – the perfect solution for the biggest hydraulic hose problems. If you’re tired of babying your hydraulic hoses on the job, consider a wrap that acts as an organizer and protector. Our hydraulic hose wrap solutions can streamline maintenance activities, extend the life expectancy of hosing, and organize hoses into a sleek bundle. Order a free sample today.

The Most Common Problems Hydraulic Hose Wrap Can Prevent

Care for hydraulic hosing can impact the efficiency of the entire hydraulic system. Without a properly operating hose, the mechanical force exerted will not meet job demands. While some problems with hosing occur inside the hose, many issues also arise outside of it.

Three of the most common problems a hydraulic hose wrap can prevent include:

  • Bend radius maintenance. Each system assembly specifies a certain minimum bend radius in the hosing. Tightening a hose too much or bending it too far can compromise the flow of hydraulic fluid and the overall performance of the system. For general hose protection, some machinery owners gravitate toward hose protection sleeves and guards. These solutions do not always offer the flexibility to maintain recommended bend radiuses.

A hydraulic hose wrap is completely flexible and offers total visibility. An operator can see the bend radius inside the wrap at any time and make adjustments to ensure proper performance. Consider a hydraulic spiral wrap as an alternative to other protective solutions.

  • Depending on the system, some hydraulic hoses face prolonged contact with environmental irritants that may compromise the integrity of the hose over time. Exposure to rough metal and other objects can lead to hydraulic system leaks.

Instead of routinely replacing hydraulic hosing, consider a protective hydraulic spiral wrap designed to absorb impact and prevent abrasive objects from reaching the hose. All our spiral wraps offer effective protection against chafing.

  • Environmental exposure. Hydraulic systems operate in a range of environments, which may include high-heat and sun exposure. Both heat and sun rays can prematurely age the hydraulic hosing, cause cracks, and increase the likelihood of leaks.

A hydraulic hose wrap adds a layer of protection on the outside of the hose to resist heat and sun damage. Our PTFE Heli-Tube® spiral wraps, in particular, offer incredible protection against heat and sun damage.

To address some of the most common causes of hydraulic hose–related downtime, consider a convenient and flexible spiral wrap from M.M. Newman Corporation. The right hose and wrap combination can protect and extend the life of hydraulic systems in applications including agricultural machinery, industrial manufacturing, and materials handling.

The Right Materials for Your Hydraulic Hose Wrap

A hydraulic hose wrap must meet certain criteria to offer value to the equipment user. A generic wrap may only protect against minor abrasion and do little to extend the lifetime of the hose. At M.M. Newman Corporation, we only use materials designed to withstand the rigors of our customers’ applications. We offer hydraulic hose wrap materials including:

  • Our basic polyethylene material offers general protection in most applications. We also offer our customers UV-resistant black polyethylene and fire-resistant polyethylene alternatives.
  • Both lightweight and flexible, our nylon wraps can handle up to 250°F and is available in a general and UV-resistant formula.
  • We typically recommend our PTFE spiral wrap for hydraulic hose wrap applications. The material is nonflammable, nonreactive, and able to withstand temperatures up to 500°F.

Quickly and easily install our hose wraps by hand. The wrap works much like tape to conform seamlessly around bundles between one and five inches in diameter. All our PTFE hoses are UL recognized and meet industry standards including ASTM-D-3295, ASTM spec. Taber D 1044, and MIL-T-4728A Type 1.

Our wraps even work well for temporary hose wrap applications. If, for instance, you’re waiting on a new part, you can go ahead and install the hydraulic hose wrap without worry. When the new component arrives, simply unwind the reusable wrap or work around it. We designed our industrial wraps with real-world use cases in mind. Read more about our spiral wraps.

Why Choose a Hydraulic Hose Wrap Over Alternatives?

You may see alternatives to a hydraulic hose wrap from hydraulic fittings suppliers. While a sleek sleeve may seem like a good idea, they can lead to increased downtime on the job. Sleeves may require users to run the length of the hose through the sleeve and leave the actual hose hidden from view. Some sleeves feature Velcro connections that wear down over time. These solutions offer protection, but they leave the operator unable to easily troubleshoot and maintain the system.

A hydraulic hose wrap, on the other hand, gives operators clear visibility between the wrappings for easy maintenance. On many systems, an operator can apply the easy-to-use wrap without disconnecting the hose or altering the bend radius. The solution is convenient, flexible, and quality-assurance rated. If you’re searching for the best way to protect hydraulic systems from hose-related failures, test out our spiral wraps today.

Come to M.M. Newman Corporation for Hydraulic Hose Wrap

At M.M. Newman Corporation, customer satisfaction is our goal. We specialize in manufacturing and distribution so we can maintain quality at every step of the customer journey. We build our products to last, and many – including our spiral wraps – are reusable. Save time and money when you invest in a protective hose cover that works hard for you.

In addition to our hydraulic hose wrap line, we offer top-of-the-line hot tools, corrugated and plain tubing, and heat shrink tubing for industrial and general applications. Our solutions protect hoses, wires, and cables from the field to the office. If you’re searching for a better way to protect your hydraulic systems and increase uptime, consider our line of spiral wraps. We feel confident that our durable materials, fast shipping times, and customer service will turn you into a life-long customer.

Ready to learn more about a hydraulic hose wrap solution? Reach out to our helpful representatives to find the right material and size for your wrap today at (800) 777-6309.