Hot Knife Cuts Expandable Sleeves

M.M. Newman Corporation’s Hot Tools HK-60 hot knife is one of the most unique, multi-faceted tools you’ll ever encounter.

Hot-Tools-HK-60This unique, electric hot knife is the ideal product for cutting woven, expandable plastic sleeves, resulting in a beaded edge finish that resists fraying.

Our innovative Hot Tools HK-60 hot knife takes less than two minutes to heat up to 900°F, making it ready for use almost instantly. The 60 watt electric knife features a powerful heating element, hidden under a comfortable, ergonomic wooden handle that always stays cool, no matter how hot the heating element gets. Directly over the heat source is a double-edge .060”-thick blade, which provides sharp cutting power while ensuring safety.

Hot-Tools-Expandable-SleeveIts lightweight, compact design, weighing less than one oz. and measuring only 9” long, means minimal hand pressure is required to achieve a clean cut every time. This ease of use, along with its consistent effectiveness, makes it ideal for repetitive cutting production use—which also makes it extremely cost-effective.

M.M. Newman Corporation’s Hot Tools HK-60 hot knife is an industrial-grade tool that anyone can use, over and over again.