Hot Knife Simplifies Laying Outdoor Carpeting

M.M. Newman Corporation offers a high quality, heavy duty hot knife that serves countless needs in an easy-to-use, lightweight design.

Hot ToolsIdeal for cutting and sealing during outdoor carpet installation, the results of this hot knife are clean, fast, finished installations in no time.

The Hot Tools HK-60 hot knife features a re-sharpenable copper tip that reaches 900° F, remarkably in less than two minutes. Its tapered, varnished wooden handle stays cool the entire time, as the heating element is located directly under the tip. Easy to use and hold, with a comfortable design, this unique 60-watt hot knife requires minimal cutting pressure and minimizes strain and exertion typically accompanied by carpet installation. It weighs less than one oz. and is only 6-3/4” long. In just one step, outdoor carpeting is cut, sealed and done.

Hot Tool for CarpetingOur Hot Tools HK-60 hot knife is a much safer, easier alternative to scissors or razor blades. Outdoor carpet installation is no longer a difficult, dangerous task.

For more information, view M.M. Newman Corporation’s Hot Tools products.


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