Hot Knife

Effortlessly cut through synthetic materials with an industrial-grade hot knife from M.M. Newman Corporation. Since 1956, our company has served as a premier manufacturer and supplier of tubing, wraps, knives, and hot tools. Today, customers come to us for our fast response times, custom manufacturing capabilities, and our focus on quality assurance. The hot tools we carry offer efficiency and precision in even the most delicate of applications. Find out more about our heavy duty hot knife and accessories.

A Hot Knife: Your New Must-Have Tool

Hot knives are not necessary, but they do make life much easier. Imagine the experience of fitting carpet on a floor, finishing sail cloth, or cutting through synthetically woven materials. With traditional knives or scissors, your ends would appear frayed. They may unravel and cause performance issues down the line. Without a sealed edge, users may need to sew a heavy duty seam to keep fibers from separating. A hot knife eliminates the need for difficult cutting and complex sewing techniques. The process is seamless and perfect every time.

With one fell swoop, you can cut and seal carpet, awnings, sails, ropes, and other materials. The practice takes seconds and leaves you with a perfect finish. A hot knife is the perfect accompaniment to any industrial or home toolbox. Lightweight and effective, you’ll find new uses for your hot knife on a daily basis. At M.M. Newman Corporation, we take pride in offering flexible and useful tools and materials our customers will regularly use. The hot knife is one of our best sellers because it offers such an easy, smooth, and attractive finish across many fabric applications.

Applications for your Hot Knife

If you’re tired of imperfect hemlines and difficult cuts in heavy duty synthetic fabrics, ropes, and certain plastics, consider a hot-knife as an alternative to traditional cutting techniques. Our industrial-grade hot knife heats up to 1000°F and simultaneously cuts and seals approved materials.

The HK-60 hot knife offers a double-edged copper tip designed for home and industrial usage. It works well on nylon, Pellon, Dacron, Mylar, and other synthetic materials. Re-sharpen and use the knife over a lifetime to crate perfect cuts and edging every time. With a simple assembly process, an ergonomic handle, and a long power cord, this hot knifes quality will surely replace many other tools in your workshop.

Consider using your lightweight M.M. Newman Corporation hot knife for:

Upholstery projects. Discover the perfect cut and create a protective seal with the right hot knife. For synthetic upholstery and sailing projects, our knife will provide an easy and straight carve. We recommend testing the fabric before using the hotknife. Some synthetic materials contain natural fibers that may not work well with the tool.

Create the perfect edge on indoor, automotive, and marine carpeting with a hot knife designed to carve through the nap, warp, and weft. Our knife will deliver a seamless edge on most synthetic carpets to make installation a breeze.

Webbed fabric. Webbed fabrics including cable and wire sleeves, straps, and ties offer secure, beaded edges when finished with heated knives. Perfect the fit of routinely used sleeves, ratchet straps, and more when you use a high-heat tool to carve and seal the weave. An avid sailor may invest in a hot knife to adjust sails and repair the frayed ends of ropes used in the rigging. If you’re logging, sailing, or tinkering around the home, your hot knife may prove a useful tool for any cutting and sealing application.

Seals and plastic parts. Many of our automotive, marine and aerospace engineering customers choose the HK-60 for its cost-effectiveness and ability to carve through seals and plastic components with ease.

While the hot knife is one of the most versatile tools we offer in our inventory, it is not ideal for every project. To gain the most value from your purchase, we do not recommend using these hot knives for natural materials including cotton and leather. If you do use the knife, the high heat will singe the material and cause an unpleasant smell. The hot knife is similarly ill-equipped for cutting foam. Instead, we recommend using a tool designed for foam and similar bulky materials.

Hot Knife Plus Accessories from M.M. Newman Corporation

In addition to the HK-60, M.M. Newman Corporation offers a complete accessory collection. With your initial purchase of our best-selling hot knife, you may find the following accessories helpful:

Dial-Temp temperature controller. Take precision to the next level with a temperature controller that works with both soldering irons and hot knives. Capable of facilitating from 150°F to full heat ranges and functioning at full capacity on 115 VAC outlets, this tool will help you adjust the knife’s temperature range for the appropriate temperature and cutting capabilities.

Soldering, knife, and woodburning tips. While the HK-60 blade can be resharpened, many of our customers purchase the knife for a number of different tasks. Different tips change the functionality of the hot knife, giving our customers increased value with their purchases. Use the HK-60 for heavy-duty cutlery, cutting, and woodburning instead of purchasing a separate tool for each task.

You, your business, and your family will use the HK-60 hot knife more than you know. For backpack repairs, last-minute worksite adjustments, and materials installation, the right hot knife will be your best friend. Explore our hot knife inventory today.

Tips for Using Your Hot Knife

When you order your first hot knife, keep these simple tips in mind: Use glass underneath your cutting project for a perfect line and unharmed surfaces and blow out any flames you see. Our hot knives are user-friendly and ready to use right out of the box.

With our just-in-time delivery services, consider some of our other helpful hot tools and line of tubing products. From wire wrapping to heat shrink tubing, we offer many common-sense and effective solutions to your everyday problems. Organize wires, hone your woodburning skills, or replace a faulty tube. When it comes to synthetic tubing and hot tools, M.M. Newman Corporation has you covered. For more information about the HK-60 hot knife, contact us online or reach out to our team today at (800) 777-6309.