UV-Resistant Spiral Wrap that Withstands Sunlight & Salt

Polyethylene Spiral WrapHeli-Tube® Spiral Wrap is duly touted as the ideal way to efficiently organize wires, cables, and hoses—in the office, factory production line, warehouse, research lab, manufacturing plant, medical or health facilities—anywhere that bundling cables is required. However, polyethylene cable wrap offers more advantages than just organizational. Heli-Tube® is an expandable, flexible polyethylene cable wrap that protects wires, cables and hoses from wear and abrasion. The material is tough and durable and can withstand the harshest industrial or environmental conditions.

Among the latter, direct sunlight and maritime conditions can pose an exceptional challenge to many types of polymer spiral wraps. Constant exposure to the elements can rapidly degrade the material if it is not protected. Heli-Tube® UV -Resistant polyethylene cable wrap is specifically designed for those outside applications that require enhanced protection from constant exposure to ultraviolet radiation or the harsh effects of a coastal or marine environment. Such environments can have a highly corrosive effect on materials like metals or plastics. Coastal conditions alone present unique problems because material surfaces are subjected to the conditions twenty-four hours a day. Within five miles of any coastline, saltwater carries easily through mist, fog, coastal winds, and sea-spray that provide a daily coating of brine on exposed surfaces.

The material properties of any plastic can be greatly affected when exposed to severe weather influences and environmental conditions. Plastics used outside must have the mechanical properties essential to withstand and perform in any weather or environment. More than being waterproof, the mechanical properties of the material need to endure the constant negative impact of the sun’s ultraviolet radiation.

Without the necessary mechanical properties, UV exposure can have a detrimental effect on plastic material and it will begin to fail. The telltale visible effects of direct sunlight degradation on plastic are a chalky, bleached appearance of the material, accompanied by a gradual color shift on the surface, with the material finally becoming brittle at the end-stage. Inherently UV-resistant plastic does not typically exhibit such visual changes in the material (that bleached, chalky appearance), nor will its mechanical properties begin to fail (stress cracks and brittleness).

Heli-Tube® UV-Resistant Polyethylene Spiral Wrap
M.M. Newman Corporation offers a UV-resistant polyethylene spiral wrap for those applications used outdoors and exposed to the elements. Polyethylene is a thermoplastic polymer with an extremely wide range of applications. In fact, the plastic is one of the most widely produced in the world, with global annual production estimates exceeding tens of millions of tons. Polyethylene’s popularity relates to its good mechanical properties—thermal, chemical, electrical­­ and optical. It’s flexible, tough, durable, and abrasion-resistant. It’s electrical and chemical properties protect it against corrosive materials like saltwater and, by adding black carbon to the material, it becomes UV-resistant.

For tough environmental situations where bright sunlight and-or corrosive conditions are present, Heli-Tube® spiral wrap is recommended. The UV-resistant black polyethylene cable wrap will not only provide the necessary protection from direct sunlight, but the material also resists salt water, oils, fuels, and detergents.

Full Range of UV-Resistant Spiral Wrap
M.M. Newman Corporation offers a complete line of UV-resistant, polyethylene cable wrap for bundling and protecting wires, cables, and hoses for harsh outdoor applications. With seven sizes from 1/8 inch to 1 ½ inch O.D., bundled cabling is protected anywhere outdoors. The material performs in a temperature range of -76°F to 190°F and it meets Federal Spec. LP 390 and A-A-59602. Finally, the re-usable wrap eliminates the need for repeatedly heat-shrinking tubing or taping applications and provides an aesthetically pleasing finished appearance.