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Spiral Wrap Tubing

Protect Instrument Wires & Tubes with PTFE Spiral Wrap Tubing

Spiral wrap tubing can ease the organizational challenges that companies, businesses, and industries are confronted with when wires, cables, and hoses become exposed or just a jumbled mishmash. Tangled heaps of wires in an office space or worksite may not be due to a lack of foresight in design, but a work in progress. Cables […]

Spiral Cable Wrap

How to Use Spiral Wrapping Bands for Cable Management

Spiral wrapping bands offer organizational and protective bundling solutions for the most challenging cable management systems and networks. M.M. Newman’s unique Heli-Tube® spiral wrap is a multifunctional, all-purpose spirally cut plastic tubing cable wrap specifically designed to support cable management systems that are vital to any commercial and industrial environment. The management of cables, wires, […]

Spiral Cable Wrap

How To: Cable Management

Despite the best intentions to employ cable management techniques for your business, on any given day you could walk into your data center to troubleshoot a cable problem only to find the server room an unsightly cable mess. In no time at all, that two-minute job is now a day-long project. The fact is that […]

Spiral Wrap

Spiral Cable Wrap Sizes & Materials

M.M. Newman Corporation’s Heli-Tube® spiral cable wrap is protective tubing used to organize cables, hoses, and wires. Spiral cable wrap sizes and materials are designed to meet application requirements large or small in any environment—industrial, manufacturing, automotive, laboratory, medical, aviation, or office networking—wherever power and control systems, and pneumatic or hydraulic lines are present. Heli-Tube® […]

Spiral Cable Wrap

PTFE Spiral Wrap Bundles and Protects Wiring in Laboratory Environments

As a leading manufacturer and distributor of Heli-Tube® PTFE spiral wrap, M.M. Newman Corporation offers a line of spirally cut PTFE cable wrap that comes in a variety of sizes for bundling and protecting a range of wiring and tubing. Heli-Tube® is a versatile expandable wiring harness ideal for bundling and protecting wires, cables, and […]

Essential Wood Burning Tool Tips for Your Next Pyrography Project

Hearing the words “wood burning” may conjure images of a campfire on a midsummer’s eve or sitting around a fireplace on a cold winter’s night. Yet, to those who practice the art form, wood burning is the age-old technique of pyrography. Taking a heated metal pen to wood and burning images, patterns, designs, and lettering […]

Polyethylene Spiral Cable Wrap

Heli-Tube® Cable Wrap: 6 Features That Stand Out

Heli-Tube® spiral wrap is an innovative, versatile spiral tubing that is designed to protect and organize cables, wires, and hoses. Whether in a home office or large manufacturing plant, Heli-Tube® cable wrap offers abrasion resistance adds a layer of protection from the hazards that exposed wires, hoses, and tubing pose. With its nearly unlimited applications, […]

Heli Tube spiral cable wrap

3 Factors to Consider When Choosing Spiral Cable Wrap

Regardless of the industry you’re in, you probably work with, at some capacity, cables and wires. Whether it’s the inevitable tangle of computer wiring or daily abrasion to your industrial hoses and tubing, there are many common frustrations businesses experience that can be solved with a simple solution: spiral cable wrap from M.M. Newman Corporation. […]

Electric Hot Tools

How to Use a Hot Knife

A hot knife is an electric tool with a heated blade that can be used to cut, shape, and seal synthetic materials. How to use a hot knife is relatively easy. The super-heated blade can be used to cut through and seal material easily. It can create a seamless edge to such materials as carpets, […]

spirally cut tubing

5 Benefits of Spirally Cut Tubing

There’s no arguing that a tangled rat’s nest of wiring is an unsightly distraction and potentially hazardous mess in any workspace. Fortunately, there is a solution and it has many benefits—spirally cut tubing. Heli-Tube® is a spiral wire and cable wrap used to bundle and organize the most complicated cable and wire arrangements. It can […]